Web Developer Handbook + Email Course

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Join 6,100+ other web developers in this course.

Get these must-have checklists for web developers:

  • ✅ Must know web development concepts
  • ✅ Best websites to learn web development
  • ✅ Must read web development books
  • ✅ Project ideas
  • ✅ Popular web development interview questions
  • ✅ Top tech companies that hire web developers
  • ✅ Expert's recommendation at the end of the handbook

💌 Email Course

Psst – that's not it. I also have an amazing surprise waiting for you in your email after you are done with going through that handbook!

Before I tell you what that is - can you explain to me what React hook is in layman's terms?

No? Well, then you are in luck my friend! 🤓

Because that is exactly what I am going to teach you! 😍

I have created an email course that will teach you the key concepts of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ReactJS in a unique way. 🚀

🎯 BTW, do you like solving challenges?

So, guess what! Every email I send you will consist of a challenge that you will have to solve. It will be a coding challenge. Don't worry I will also send you the solution in the next email. 

In the process - we will be creating a fun real-world application that you can brag about on your resume. NOPE! I am not telling you what is that now. I want you to commit to it first because I am only looking for serious students.

Hoping to see you on the other side!

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You'll get an ebook and FREE email course on Web Development

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Web Developer Handbook + Email Course

97 ratings
I want this!