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How to make money on Instagram?

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How to make money on Instagram?

56 ratings

Learn the exact roadmap I use on Instagram to grow up to 80K+ followers and $152K income in less than 2 years.


Number of entrepreneurs helped till date: 245

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So simple even your nana can start her online business.

This action-packed-no-fluff ebook will teach you exactly how to build your Instagram audience, come up with info-product idea, validate your idea, create your info-product, and sell them on a repeat mode. Zero prior experience required.

It will teach you exactly how to build your online Instagram business even if you are starting with 0 followers and $0 capital.


(she was my pre-launch student)

Are you ready to unlock the secrets?

It's a no-brainer deal when you get a 30-day risk-free refund guarantee and all the future updates to the ebook absolutely FREE! (check the details below.)

📕 Table Of Content 👇

Check out the complete table of content of the ebook. No email address necessary.

"Stop trading your time for money. Add a stable "passive" income stream for yourself."

One of my other students 👇

You can earn $1000/month even if you have zero experience in online business!

How do you do that?

💯 Let's do some simple maths

1000 true fans 👉 You only need 1000 true fans.

200% FREE-value 👉 Provide 200% FREE-value to them on a regular basis.

10-25 rule 👉 If even 10 of them pays for your $25 digital product every week.

$1000/month 👉 You can easily make $1000 per month.

My book will teach you exactly how to do that 🤑

🚀 How to gain 1000 true fans 

🚀 How to create and sell a $25+ digital product to them again and again

Still unsure? Check out what this student has to say 👇

By the end of this ebook, you will have:

⛳️ Turned your Instagram account into an audience attracting machine

⛳️ Researched and nailed down your digital product idea

⛳️ Validated your idea, so you are confident about it

⛳️ Created an ebook for your targeted audience

⛳️ Published your ebook

⛳️ Learned the secrets of product launch, online marketing, and copywriting

⛳️ Implemented my signature roadmap to generate a steady stream of income

(Please note: Some of the features mentioned above are only available in the Ultimate version. If you have any questions - please email me at ask.sleeplessyogi@gmail.com)

💎 FREE BONUS #1: My signature roadmap 

That will take you from 0 Instagram followers to making a steady monthly income

💎 FREE BONUS #2 (only ultimate version): Proven actionable strategies to -

  • Validate your ideas
  • Product launch
  • Online marketing
  • and much more!

💎 FREE BONUS #3 (only ultimate version): Multiple checklists of my secret tools and hacks

Psst...! 🚨

You don't need 10K or 100K+ followers to make money on Instagram.

Just like how weight loss is 80% diet and only 20% exercise - your number of Instagram followers amounts to only 20% of your online business success (maybe even less than that).

80% of it is - finding an idea that sells, creating the right product, and your online marketing skills. That is exactly what my ebook will teach you... and did I mention my signature proven roadmap that you will get for FREE?! 😉

"Bet on yourself! Whatever you dream you can do - you can achieve it."

Right now, you have two options:

🚫 Option A: Like most hustlers, waste a lot of time on Instagram following no or wrong strategies. And not see any real results or not make any money.

✅ Option B: Invest in this eBook, save a lot of time by learning the right strategies. Make your money back in no time. And also start a steady flow of income for yourself.

Tell me more what will I get? 🤑

🚀 Proven strategies to grow your Instagram account and online marketing

🚀 Copy scripts that will sell your product like hot cakes

🚀 My tools, hacks, and copywriting lessons

🚀 Creating profitable digital products on a repeat mode

🚀 How to become an idea-generating-machine

🚀 Product launch and idea validation strategies

🚀 My signature 12-week roadmap (from 0 Instagram followers to successful product launch)

(Please note: Some of the features mentioned above are only available in the Ultimate version. If you have any questions - please email me @ ask.sleeplessyogi@gmail.com)

Refund Policy 💸

You get a 30-day risk-free guarantee. If you implement my signature roadmap and realize this ebook isn’t what you expected, you’ve got 30 days to reach out, show me you tried, and get a refund.

More Testimonials ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The results my students get are incredible.


👉  I have 0 (zero) Instagram followers. Is this eBook for me?

YES! This book teaches you how to optimize your Instagram account and turn it into an audience-attracting machine. So, even if you have 0 Instagram followers if you follow the strategies and the roadmap I provided you should steadily start seeing your Instagram account grow.

By the way, you don't need 10K or 100K+ followers to make money on Instagram. That is exactly what I teach you in my book.

👉  I am not sure I am ready for online business / online marketing / showing my face / <plug your fear>

Listen to me. The year 2020 has been a revolution in terms of technology and online business. There was no better time and there will be no better time to start building your online presence.

It's not your fear that is holding you back. It's your comfort zone. The concept of "being ready" does not exist. You just have to take the leap if you want amazing results for yourself.

And guess what, with the strategies I share in the ebook you don't even have to show your face if you are not comfortable revealing yourself. Even today no one knows who "Sleepless Yogi" is (me 😉).

👉 What if I need extra help with something that isn't covered in the ebook?

You can reach out to me directly at ask.sleeplessyogi@gmail.com. But, I am also planning on creating a private chat group for the students who have bought this eBook. So, please let me know if you would like to be a part of it. It will be super value-packed!

👉 Will the prices remain the same forever?

I cannot guarantee that. This is purely an early bird offer. Prices are expected to increase as I keep adding more content and as the demand seems to rise (which is already happening!).

👉 Do you have a student discount?

Send me an email at ask.sleeplessyogi@gmail.com and let me know your situation and I’ll do my best to help.

👉 I have more questions!

Shoot me an email at ask.sleeplessyogi@gmail.com. DM me on Instagram - @sleeplessyogi. DM me on Twitter - @sleeplessyogi.


This book is not a get-rich-quick program. I believe in hard work and serving others. This ebook is only meant for those who are willing to add value to others' lives and go the extra mile to bring success for themself. By law, I cannot and do not guarantee your ability to earn money. No one can. Your results in business are up to you and the hard work you put into it. We do not offer any legal or tax advice. This book is intended for informational entertainment purposes only.

Get this ebook TODAY before the price goes up!  👉 🏃‍♂️ 👉 🏃‍♂️

(Yes, the price is expected to go up as I keep adding more content to the book.)

More testimonials ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

👉 This is an incredibly well put together book for all the hustlers out there! It has taught me no matter how small or big your Instagram audience size is you can sell your products to them. You just need the right strategies.

Krista B.

👉 I come back to this ebook and the roadmap again and again. I used to feel that I will be stuck working for someone else my whole life. But today I am working on launching my 2nd ebook soon. My first ebook is already making me ~$3K per month.

Zeith T.

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